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This album as such an addictive get down groove, that you will have it glued to the stereo system for a long time. Originally called NOISE ABROAD it was later changed to DANCEABLE WEIRD SHIT by Luc VAN ACKER (REVOLTING COCKS) after the other members were unable to commit to a second LP.

DANCEABLE WEIRD SHIT is a year work mainly between Luc VAN ACKER and Jean-Pierre EVERAERTS, who produced LA MUERTE. Troughout the year they have collaborated with Jean-Marie AERTS (TC MATIC), Bert LAMS (Robert FRIPP's guitarist) and SPIKE who dropped by the studio to make up the WEIRD DANCERS on this album.

The purpose of this project is to give any musician interested a chance to get down and jam with other musicians they like to collaborate with for fun.

(Source: World Domination / Antler-Subway - 1990)


Here's The Record


Sleeping Dog - All I Need - Hit That Beatbox Boy And Hell - Poor And Humble - Danceable Weird Shit - Get Off My TV - Wreckage - Baby Go On - Punch Bag

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Danceable Weird Shit


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