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Boris MIKULIC was born in 1965 in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. Little is known of his early life: born into the orphanage of the parish of St. Augustus, he lived under conditions which have since been outlawed. Being a particularly unruly child due to his inability to express himself - Not having been taught to speak by anyone - Boris spent his formative years locked in a detention area constructed from a derelict horse stable. His only contact with humanity was from a hand that delivered his meals through a hole in the stable doorway. The only sounds he heard came from the organ and choir performing Latin masses in the nearby church. This aural memory was to have a profound effect on MIKULIC's life.

At 12, he was released from his prison-life existence, not knowing how to speak, only being able to loosely phase some Latin words which he had picked up from listening to the masses being performed through the stable's walls. Under the guardianship of a particularly kind monk he was taught to speak and eventually to read. But what amazed his teacher was how quickly Boris learned to play the piano. At 16 he had virtually mastered all the hymns performed at St. Augustus masses, due in part to his near fanatical practice sessions continuing into the morning hours within the darkened parish church.

Having completed his education, Boris left for Berlin where he joined a group of Hungarian guest workers on building construction sites. It was during this time that he became exposed in Western music, especially to the wild guitar sounds of Jimi HENDRIX. Although Boris loved the decadence of Berlin, he returned to Yugoslavia to compose his own music, unhibited by the frenetic pace of live in Germany's cultural capital.

From then on he played guitar in several local heavy metal bands for lack of anything better to do. Citing Jimi HENDRIX as his sole influence and being dissatisfied with the equipment that was available in Yugoslavia, he constructed his own handmade electronics. Bored of heavy metal and the commercialization of the genre, the work of THE RESIDENTS, KRAFTWERK, Adrian SHERWOOD, DEAD CAN DANCE and FAD GADGET became the bulk of his record collection. Later he discovered the Belgian Electronic Body Music scene: FRONT 242, THE NEON JUDGEMENT, POESIE NOIRE, THE WEATHERMEN ...

While attending courses at the University of Ljubljana, Boris met Ilya DIMITRIJEVIC, with whom he started IN SOTTO VOCE. The duo released two 12" and one album and enjoyed a fair amount of underground success, particularly in Germany. The unit was never disbanded as such - It is still possible that MIKULIC and DIMITRIJEVIC will resume their partnership in the future - but both members drifted off in different directions.

Boris went on to make his first solo LP, a highly adventurous and original cocktail of electronics and raw guitars to set a background of Gregorian chants. Obviously, it was MIKULIC's way of coming to terms with his past; the record reflects the many variables of his Dickensian upbringing, with heavily twisted religious and mystical overtones defining the general, haunting atmosphere.

Enter the universe of Boris MIKULIC - No payback, satisfaction guaranteed

(Source : Antler-Subway - 1990)

In fact, this is only a solo-project of Herman GILLIS, founder of Antler-Subway label, during the aftermath of the new-beat storm devastating Belgium.


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